NIMH Participation in the NAMI-NYS Education Conference


The 2014 NAMI-NYS Education Conference-United We Stand: Shaping Our Future will continue the tradition of featuring significant participation from the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH). 

Friday will feature an update on the Recovery After Initial Schizophrenic Episode (RAISE) study,which is a milestone in fundamentally changing the trajectory and prognosis of schizophrenia. We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Delbert Robinson, one of the researchers on the team which developed the RAISE Early Treatment Program, a research study which was conducted in community clinics across the United States.

Saturday, will feature Dr. Lisa Dixon, Director of the Center for Practice Innovations, who led the other RAISE research team. She will detail how innovative programs such as OnTrackNY emerged from the RAISE study. Also on Saturday, Dr. Dwight Dickenson of the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch of NIMH will be leading a workshop detailing his work on schizophrenia. 

A phrase often heard at NAMI-NYS is that "research is our hope for the future." NIMH is on the forefront of psychiatric research but they cannot do it alone, this is why we are again including a session on "The Importance of Participating in NIMH Clinical Trials." The session will allow participants to understand the benefits of research participation and the unique role that plays in our quest for understanding and improving care for psychiatric diseases. 

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NAMI-NYS Education Conference to Feature Focus Tracks on Children and Young Adults



NAMI-NYS is excited to announce that this year's  Education Conference will once again feature a focus track on Mental Health Issues Impacting Children and Adolescents on Friday November 14. The track will feature three workshops providing insight into children's mental health issues and how NAMI Signature Programs can educate and support both families and school staff.



This year will also see the introduction of a Young Adult focus track on Saturday, the track will have three workshop sessions designed to explore issues relevant to those 18-25 years old and the plenary sessions will feature information applicable to young adults including information about the OnTrackNY Program, wellness issues, the healing power of creativity and how to transform the stigma of mental illness. NAMI-NYS is pleased to offer special scholarships this year for young adults.


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Meet Mike Veny Featured Speaker at the 2014 Education Conference 





Click here to watch a video of Mike Veny discussing his upcoming appearance at the 2014 NAMI-NYS Education Conference. Mike will be the featured speaker on Saturday night and will be sharing his story of personal recovery from severe mental illness and how we can transform the stigma of mental illness into opportunities to educate people and build relationships. Mike's inspiring presentation is surely something you will not want miss. Click here to register today.


Dr. Stephen Glatt

2014 Connie Lieber Research Award Recipient


NAMI-NYS is delighted to announce that Stephan Glatt, Ph.D, has been chosen to receive the 2014 NAMI-NYS Connie Lieber Research Award. Dr. Glatt is the Director of the Psychiatric Genetic Epidemiology & Neurobiology Laboratory (PsychGENe Lab) at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.


This award honors Dr. Glatt's work on candidate-gene and genome-wide association, expression, and functional studies of schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, heroin dependence, and other psychiatric and substance use disorders.  The ultimate objective of his research is to identify the causes of these illnesses, and to find biomarkers that will facilitate earlier identification, intervention, and prevention.


Dr. Glatt has been awarded two Young Investigator Awards, an Independent Investigator Award, and the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Schizophrenia Research from NARSAD: The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. He is also the Principal Investigator on two Research Project grants from the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Glatt is also a co-investigator or consultant on numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health which are focused on identifying the nature and causes of mental disorders.


The award will be presented to Dr. Glatt on Friday evening November 14th at the NAMI-NYS Education Conference. Dr. Glatt will give the evening's featured presentation following his receiving the award.


You can click here to view a short video on Dr. Glatt and the PsychGENe Lab


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